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Wow....! How good your babies are!

Dec 1, 2011
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Wow! A great learning method for your kids!
Download link:
App Store - Kids choose words
Don’t get surprised when your kids are absorbed in this application. The player can play with cute and lovely images, lively sound of objects and animals, especially, play with words. What a useful application!
Kids may not only learn to pronounce the words from some specific topics by parents’ direction but also learn by the system’ direction through listen – to – choose. This helps kids get the words much easier, moreover, sharpen their anamnesis by arranging the letters in the right order. Kids’ thinking ability will be improved day by day.
Especially, the player may be attracted by the most difficult game: “Who are the faster?â€
The player needs to find the right ones among a mess of letters and create a complete word which he has listened before. A clock setting will be a good challenge.
Here are outstanding features:
- Eye- catching design
- Diversified and lively images suitable for kids.
- Funny sound
- Easy to share
- Easy to feedback.

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