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Words with Friends HD keeps crashing


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Apr 19, 2010
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marietta, ga
I have been playing for the last three days but after each game is complete the app crashes. Then when it opens again it spends several minutes "repairing game" and will crash three or four more times then it will work fine until a game is complete again. Anyone have this problem or know what is up?
my app got to the point where it would crash EVERY time i opened it.. couldn't do anything. Reinstall fixed it.
I think sometimes the server is just overloaded. Its such a popular app. I know if I "play" during the day I have minimal "wait" if I play in the evening it could be 20 minutes between turns.
The more people you have games running with generally its a bigger lag processing moves, thats what i have found

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The more people you have games running with generally its a bigger lag processing moves, thats what i have found

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Just a note to say that you're answering a thread that was posted nearly a year ago...it's not a problem, but thought you might not have noticed.

Lol i didnt realise, was just scrolling through all threads seeing what i could have an input on

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Words with friends

Hi started playing words with friends then all of a sudden it loads then it closes I reinstalled but it is doing same thing has any one had this problem!

Any advice welcomed
Same problem here... Started today

I'm having the same problem on my iPad as well. I've attempted multiple reinstalls, as well as removing it through the sync process in iTunes in an effort to remove any trace of the original install. The iPad always seems to know I've played before though when I reinstall.

Any ideas/fixes would be greatly appreciated.
This is going to be a fix on Zynga's end. Too many people having the same issue...
Looks like the issue resolved itself today. I received a message when launching the app saying something was corrupted, and fixed. The game shut down on selecting 'ok', and on relaunch it updated my games successfully and I'm good to go.
Thank you for this information. I will try to re-install the app and see if I can play the game. I have been having a lot of trouble with it for the last week or so.

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