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Wonder how he would have done things differently


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Feb 23, 2012
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things can't be exactly as they might be today in Cupertino if Steve was alive and contributing. With good health on his side I wonder how different for example the ip3 would be next week. This device definitely has his input on it . He was here for its early stages although who knows just how limited his health issues made him. This device is most likely the last one with his finger prints still on it. Given a different hand to play health wise ,I wonder what might be different with the highly anticipated ipad3. Hopefully they followed his instructions wright to the end with this but who knows. Mr. Cook has to want as much of Steve in this device as possible.
It is similar to the music we have missed out on and will never hear with John Lennon gone.
Happy Birthday Steve
wish you were still on the job. You were to dam young to die .


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May 7, 2010
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Miami, FL
how quick do you think they do things.
Steve probably had a final version of the iPad3 that he was playing with before he died. Its only been like 3-4 months, thats about how much time they spend stock piling the new devices before the release so that they can get as many out as possible.

Also he has made sure that things are done a certain way and that the people within the company continue doing things the way he has envisioned. He does a lot but he is not the only person in the company. Steve's way of doing things has been engraved into the company he made sure of this because he knew he did not have a long time left.

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