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Wish there was a way to subfolder photos


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May 26, 2010
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Right now I have an external drive that holds all of my iPad stuff (converted movies, photos, music, etc). I wish you could just add a folder with a ton of sub folders into the iPad and have it subfolder it out for you.

Right now on my PC my photo folder looks like:

- Photos
- sub 1
- sub 2

and so on.

If I don't do it like that, then it groups all 4000 photos together into one damn folder which obviously is not useful.

On my iPad external drive it just looks like:

- sub 1
- sub 2

and so on.

Why the iPad doesn't support sub folders for photos is beyond me. This is technology that has been around since Windows for Workgroups and MS DOS before that.

If I am missing some magical way to get it so I can have a folder like in the first example and have it transfer to the iPad that way I would love to hear it. I wish all my photos from Afghanistan could be sub folders in a folder on my iPad called Afghanistan instead of all lumped together in the Afghanistan folder.

Either this is one of the counter intuitive features of the iPad or I am the idiot for not figuring out how to do this.
If your an idiot for not figuring it out then We must be related because after
spending about 3 hours putting 7,800 images into unique subfolders and getting it all set up just right I synced it to the iPad just to have a single folder with 7,800 pictures show up in it. Have you ever tried to show someone a specific picture from in a group of 7,800 thumbnails? I hope someone knows a way to change this.
I don't think it's possible. What I did was set it to sync, but instead of having it sync from a folder with subfolders, I just put all the subfolders on the root of the drive...so I sync'd it individually with those if that makes sense. It friggin' sucks, and even still it doesn't solve the problem, because some of my sub folders had sub folders...


- Afghanistan
---IED Attacks

and so on.

And even that minor work around doesn't fix that problem. Unless, of course, you wanted to take every last one of your photo subfolders, and make it an individually sync'd folder, which you shouldn't have to do.

As I said, this technology has been around since before CDROM drives even existed and yet this cutting edge device and iTunes can't seem to figure it out. Pretty pathetic.
I too hope for this, perhaps soon. I am sure an update is on the way.... In the mean time it is a major pain to get to a specific photo....
You must avoid subfolders. On my computer under the basic "Images" I put all the folders I needed with the pictures I wanted. I let iTunes perform a scan of the computer and when it synced with the iPad, the pictures appeared like I set them. It's a hassle but it's temporary.

The thing I hate most is not being able to name documents as I create them such as in Pages. If anyone knows how, I'm listening...

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