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Will upgrading from 4.2.1 fix anything?


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Apr 4, 2012
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I have a 16g gen 1 ipad, running 4.2.1 firmware, jail broken ofc. I am considering updating to the current firmware in an effort to improve Internet and primarily youtube speed. Yes I suffer from the notoriously slow YouTube. I have tried many fixes for the movie speed: different dns, screen brighhtness, activating html5, running the safari version, countless efforts. I am now on my third router, an nt600 running on n setting with qos disabled. the speed is the same wherever i take the pad and can compare it to a ****ty net book that kicks the pads ass in speed on YouTube.

So I read through the patches and i didnt see anything really pertaining to increased YouTube speed. Has the been any improvements that make 5.xx worth the hassle of upgrading and messing with jail breaking and redownloading, assuming its possible at this time.

I know the YouTube thing must be beaten to death by now, but I have exhausted the recommendations of all the search terms i can think up, they all show about the same advice.

So mostly I'm talking about a comparison of 4.2.1 to the current firmware in terms of speed, particularly YouTube, but if people want to throw in a word on other methods to improve speed that i may have missed, i will read em.


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