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wifi network password


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Jul 2, 2010
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Not sure if this is something you guys can help me with. But recently added a password protection my router due the fact that someone in my building was hacking in on my bandwidth. So I've placed a WEP security on my connection and with a password.

But heres the thing on my laptop it remembers my password, so every time I start up my laptop i do not need to retype the password to access my Fifi. But on my iPad i do.

Is there a way I can get my iPad to remember my password or should I rather change my security on my router to WPA instead of a WEP
If you had problems with people jumping on your networks I would not use WEP since its not very secure and use WPA2 instead. Also WPA2 will let you set a wifi password that you can remember and not a huge hex code.

Every time you change a security setting you should go to your wifi settings on your iPad, select the blue button next to your network name and then tell it to forget this network.
The next time you join that network and enter the password it will remember it.
Wireless hacking

It also pays to change the router password from its default. to prevent the hacker from accessing your wifi password through the router.

May I suggest that you add mac filtering in addition to the password.

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