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WiFi connect issue...sort of


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Jun 19, 2010
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Tampa, FL
My new iPad2 will not connect to my home wifi network. When I type in the password it says 'incorrect password'. I know the password is correct because I'm able to log into the router which I need the password to do

If I turn off the routers security (WEP) I'm able to WiFi connect. As soon as I turn the router security back on I'm not.

This problem is the same for both my iPhone 3G and iPad2!!

Help. :(
In settings wifi is where you set up your access password or key code to your home "secured " wifi and LAN.

Tap the blue arrow to the right of your wifi entry, and it will expand into the security area.

Sorry about the sideways photo.

Hope this helps


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I was able to get the ipad to connect but I took the easy way out and replaced the 5 year old router.

It seemed as if I could get the either the 2 laptops to connect and no ipad or get the ipad to connect and no laptops depending on the type of router security.

I was looking ot get a newer faster router so this a good excuse. Once I repalced the router every device was able to connect wifi in minutes.

Thanks for the advice-


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