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Why does itunes suck so bad.


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May 28, 2010
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Fort Worth, TX
I rarely have problems with iTunes anymore - I only use it to update the iPad :) not using it has pretty much fixed all the annoyances. It may be heresy to say here, but check out the Zune desktop software. Its years ahead of iTunes in usability. It will play any format and auto convert when syncing to your device if it needs to.


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Mar 15, 2010
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Like it makes me think apple is not that great sometimes because they can make a really wonderful device like the ipad, iphone but can't seem to make a decent media manager.

I get it apple wants things to be so simple that people can't screw it up, but in return itunes is very limited so most times I can't do what I want. I have about 20 things I hate with itunes but the main things are why can't itunes just play my files and not have to convert them. Is apple ever going to give up on these formats or at least just accept the most popular.

I don't understand why I must use itunes to sync my ipad and only one computer at a time can manage the device. The reason this is so upsetting is not because apple doesn't do it but the why. Steve Jobs is like a really rich but abusive controlling bf or gf.

What are you talking about? I have mp4, mp3, aif, and flac files in my itunes. Are you referring to Windows perhaps?

I also disliked iTunes and Quicktime, until I got a mac.....now all I use is iTunes.
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Apr 17, 2010
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Martinez, CA
Just to throw my 2 cents into the ring, I've had the opportunity to use Windows Media Player, ITunes, and Zune to manage my music. Of the three, I think WMP is by far the best in terms of the users ability to edit info (track, artist, etc.). Zune is pretty close to WMP in this regard, but comes with an added bonus. When I download music from Amazon and direct it to WMP, it automatically updates the library in WMP and Zune. When I download music from iTunes, it automatically updates the library in iTunes and Zune. So Zune is nice in that I never have to refresh the library, and it plays both formats fine. iTunes feels very limiting and somewhat visually archaic, but it's the best place to put my music if I want it to integrate with most of my devices/services.

I guess in summation, Zune may be the best player out there. But its critical limitation of only working with Zune devices means that WMP becomes the best by default. iTunes is good enough, but it's hard to compliment it. Nevertheless, guess what my default player is?

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