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Who bought an iPhone 4 on 24 June?

King Hal

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Jun 6, 2010
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Well, I did my best today but no luck. I had a meeting this morning in the House of Lords, (Westminster) and had found out a number of O2 stores were opening at 0802 on a 1st come 1st served basis.

Got off tube at Victoria Station and walked to Westminster along Victoria Street passed an O2 store. I worked at that if I was only 6 to 10 places from the front of the queue I could still get to my meeting on time.

I passed the store at 0750 and stopped counting when I got to 100 people in the queue!! I walked on!

After my meeting I decided to try again - by now it was about 1200. This time there was a queue of only about 10 so joined it. After a few minutes a chap came out the store, counted the number in the queue and said the last phone would go to the person three in front of me! Pisser!

I tried the Apple store on Regent Street - still a massive queue. O2 stores on Oxford Street and the Carphone Warehouse on Marylebone Road. All sold out. So I'll just have to wait:(

Was anyone out there luckier than me?
My daughter just called from the mall and she said there were about 300 people in line in front of the Apple Store. And a quite of few of them were playing on ipads!
I didn't buy one today, I preordered on the 15th and Fed Ex delivered it yesterday. It's beautiful.
I tried to buy one from Best Buy to resell on eBay but they didn't get any in today.
Paid the price in line, but got an iPhone 4 today from the Apple Store in LA. Got there at 6am left at 4:30pm. Line exceeded 1000 people by 7am store opening. Almost everyone had pre-ordered, so they stayed all day. The lines were 5 - 6X more than the iPad WiFi and 10X iPad 3G on opening sales day. Much higher than the iPhone 3G and 3GS demand.

I tried to order the iPhone 4 for delivery to my house, but the AT&T server to authenticate eligibility kept on crashing for 10 hours on the first day to order. So the only option before they ran out was to do pickup at the Apple Store.

I thought the iPad screen was very clear, bright, and sharp, but the iPhone 4 retina screen is better with higher resolution. Its hard to detect the pixels, even with a magnifying glass.
I was going to buy the iPhone 4 but decided to buy the 3GS 16GB and installed the new OS4 and it's brilliant. The battery life has improved aswell.
Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the 4 :(

Although, I have just picked up a 3GS at a greatly reduced rate (£25 per month, 5000 texts, 500 net minutes, 5000 same net minutes, 1gb data) - and didn't have to pay anything for the phone either.

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