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Which case would work best for me?


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May 17, 2011
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Hey, everyone. I'm new to the iPad world, though not new to Apple. I've never owned any tablet-type item, so the concept is completely new to me. I finally bit the bullet and purchased an iPad 2 a few days ago - still waiting for it to ship.

Anyway, I purchased it mainly for school. I'm OCD when it comes to organization and such. I wanted the iPad for note taking (handwritten) and for other organizational purposes. So far, I have purchased a couple of the stylus r us styli because I've heard they're the best, but I'm at a loss as too which case I should choose - if you've searched for iPad cases on Amazon, you would see why. I've preordered the Gumdrop Drop Series case because I like that it's similar to the Otterbox Defender for iPhone - it has a snap-on replaceable screen protector as well as several layers of protection. It also has a rubbery texture, so the iPad will stay put when laying on a surface or when I'm writing on it.

However, I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't cancel my Gumdrop order and buy a folio style case instead? Would it be easier/more natural to have the iPad sloped at an angle :confused:- as many of the folio style cases are able to fold over to make a stand for the iPad to rest against. It would be helpful to hear from people who use the iPad for handwritten notes.

Also - I plan on carrying my iPad in my backpack. I have a Dakine laptop pack, with a heavily padded special pocket for a laptop, but obviously an iPad is much slimmer and lighter weight than most laptops - which is why I opted for the Gumdrop case, to protect it from jostling.

I hope my (long) post makes sense. Thanks for reading!

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