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What's a Good Video Player App?


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Mar 9, 2012
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Photos allows you to put photos in categories. iBooks allows you to put books into categories. That way you can easily find the photo or book you need.

However, Videos doesn't. All I can do is export very limited videos into it (it doesn't even play AVI or MKV files, for gwad's sake) and you can't even put them into categories like in Photos and iBooks.

Granted, I COULD just make a movie folder in Photos (it works that way, oddly), but...

So I come bearing a question: What is a good, free (cheap is OK) video player app that plays a wide variety of formats and allows you to put them into categories so you can easily pick out the videos you want to see?

AVPlayerHD while not free will do what you want. Plays AVI's and MKV's perfectly. You can creat your own folders to put your movies in, allowing you to arrange them how you want. The cost $2.99, but IMO money well spent.

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