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What type of phone do you use?


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Apr 10, 2010
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I was just wondering what type of cell phone iPad users on here use. I use and android device the n1. And those waiting for the 3G, do you not have a 3G enabled phone and plan bringing your pad with ya as a pair with your phone?
Love Android

I use Sprint and have a HTC Hero. I run wireless tethering with my ipad:D
I plan on switching to the EVO 4G when it comes out this summer.
I had a Samsung Omnia with WM 6.5 - but I got tired of the touch screen and switched to a Blackberry Curve 8330. Simple - no complications. I also did the switch because I am getting the iPad. I plan on canceling the data plan on my Blackberry when the iPad arrives.
Tag: Might be picking up a new phone that supports tethering, via mods or official. So this thread is of interest to me.
Basic Motorola flip phone whatever. I work at putting together the plan that works for me and then get the phone that fits. I have never done 3G, or texting and will never get a smart phone until they are what you can get for free+.
Palm Pre here. It is an excellent web browser (despite the small screen), part of the reason I chose to go with the wifi iPad....I couldn't justify paying a second wireless 3G access fee.

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