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What sport do u like or play?

I like football (BurnleyFC) and I love playing snooker too I'm not very good at it though.

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Ah ha.
My brother likes rugby soccer and tennis.
He asked me to post this:)
my fav sports i like are hockey and football,islanders and ny giants super bowl champs
I ride my horse daily and I love swimming

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Hayles66 said:
I ride my horse daily and I love swimming

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I would love to ride a horse:). I last rode a horse when I was a baby;)! Really I was !
Sports are for sissys.

I collect stamps. No broken ankle or dislocated shoulder can come close to the serious problems caused by a career ending paper cut or lip and tongue poisoning caused by the highly toxic nature of stamp glue, which kills thousands, by the way. We laugh at the dangers, for we are phalitelists ... we are men ... we are strong ... we are legion!

I think the problem is this glue is formulated with Dihydrogen Monoxide, a compound found in crude oil, cancer tumors, and baby food. It is always detected at most fire scenes and in the food you serve your kids. But we are tough and we are strong. No sissys in the world of stamps. To date, almost 3,000 philatelists have died or became seriously injured just from reviewing the New Zealand Half-Penny Mt. Cook Issues from 1898-1908; in the dark, spooky, and haunted libraries of the New York Philatelic Society Building.

It is more dangerous than playing a simple football game. Although the infamous steroid scandal of 1956 rocked the philatelic world; it is a shame we will never live down. At least athletes do not use steroids. I am a proud member of Philatelists Against Steroids.

I laugh at girl sports like Rugby, professonal bowling or competetition knitting. No rugby player can plate an issue or tell the difference between a philatelist and numismatist because it is too hard and the helmet does not really protect their brains. Ever listen to a post game interview?

No, sorry, but sports is not manly, it is a silly waste of time. You are not even your own man. You are owned and traded and sold. When you can't perform, the owners actually cut you. Many a foosball player has reported being cut by their owners. This is another reason sports is bad. Come at a stamp collector with a kiife and we will take you down. We know how because we have seen the 1967 Thailand Kick Boxing Commerative stamps, so watch out.

I am my own philatelist owned by nobody. Well, my cat owns me, but Fluffy was a pro rodeo rider so she is tough. I have lived long enough to know that it is not the football quarterback that gets the girl, it is the stamp collector. Sometimes, it is the banjo player. Girls tend to avoid football quarterbacks; this is a fact.

The only job in sports I would ever want is billionaire sports team owner, raconteur and man about town. I would summon the teams I own to play exhibition games on the third floor football field during parties at my house.

I lost my interest in sports when Broadway Joe Namath started wearing panty hose, for God's sake. P A N T Y H O S E! I hear the Bears and Rams slow dance with each other before every game. Probably wear patchouli oil for luck. We all know about the patts on the behind. Fortunately the NFL has a "don't tell because we all do it and everyone knows it but do not tell" policy. George Bush instiututed it with the Texas Rangers.

I know for a fact sports team members shower naked together. Not the kind of thing I would allow in my house. Except whenever I bet Miami -7 New York +3 Seattle -4 Denver -10 San Francisco -8 or try to beat the spread when I bet on American Youth Football.

Oh, for those that do not know, the words "Rams" and "Bears" apparently define some sort of sports squadron once popular in the late 70s.

If I were to become involved in sports, I would joust. Now there is a real sport. Jousters have lovely women in Bodices and Corsets and they know their place, dag nabbit. Husky men dressed in silver plated amour with their poles jutting forward; riding beasts of burden at breakneck speeds towards another man who is also wearing silver lame metal uniforms. Their goal is to poke out your eye or knock you off your horse. :D
I like football (BurnleyFC) and I love playing snooker too I'm not very good at it though.

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Phil, you live in Blackburn and support Burnley, how do you get away with it LOL

I'm the opposite, I live Burnley and support Blackburn, but I support all the local teams......even the Dingles.

Good to see a local lad on here

IPF Team 
Shame my brother jumped off something high and hurt his leg now he can't play rugby. He didn't listen and played rugby now his is in like a lot of pain and it doesnt help he was limping down the stairs and next minute SPAT! He fell down the stairs! Now can't walk on his left leg what must I say to him ? All I said is Oh well u are a cluts! Sorry bro. he goes I don't need help or…
My favorite sports is Cricket.I used to play cricket in my college time with my friends.That days we were really enjoyed to play cricket. But these days sometimes i feel boring then i play cricket with my friends.I am a fast bowler in my team.England cricket team is my favorite team.
I like to play volleyball.I have played this game free time.I really enjoy this game.I am a big fan of games.

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