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What is best way to play MP4 files on iPad


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Aug 9, 2010
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new york
Bear with me on this one guys, I have done a lot of testing and am running into a wall. This seems to me like it would be very easy to do.

I want to play MP4 files on my iPad but am trying to figure out the best players or applications for this as well as the best way to get them downloaded onto the device or use cloud based storage. Here are my issues:

Box.net - will not play file. It opens it, but is frozen
GoodReader - will not play file
Oplayer - plays the files, but there is a huge delay in the audio from the video.

Here are the 2 ways I am able to play these files with good quality:

1. Drobox - I was shocked that this worked. Put the file on the site and it plays immediately
2. Going to my Webmail in Safari and opening the file there. It plays in a new window with good quality

Has anyone else had big issues with the Oplayer quality? Dropbox seems like a good idea, but if I lose a 3G connection I can't play the file.

I want to save the files down to my iPad and play from there with a quality player. That way if the iPad is disconencted we can still use.

Why is this so difficult?


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May 4, 2010
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Warwick, RI
When using Dropbox, click on the "Star", this will make the file a Favorite.

Then the file is on your Ipad without a wifi connection.

I do it all the time. Works fine.

I've converted many, many DVD movies using WinXDVD to Ipad Ripper. Also works fine.

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