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What do you use your iPad for?


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Apr 14, 2010
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I'm still on the fence about buying an iPad because I want to make sure it is worth the money. I'm interested in hearing what use other people get out of it to see if it may spark some more ideas about what I can do with it.

ok here is my personal take on the unit ..if you have a desktop at home this is the perfect travel companion to the desktop at home and phone ..it a mid sized unit that can do the things as long as you understand what the unit limits are .. .

for it does many thing like your personal phone can do ..read email and spend email ..play music and games .along with keeping track of things on the to do list to your grocery store list to the last minute honey do list that you wife can email to you...but it can a perfect companion to the older person as well as the college student and other in this world .

if a two year old child to a 99 year old women who never used a computer in there life can use it anyone can use it .

it up to you to get it or not..
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I use my iPad to help me with my studies. With this great computer tablet, I can do my research without the hassle. The iPad is my ultimate Research tool and my greatest companion while I am studying.

I rarely use my iPhone (except for calling and when I need 3G) since I bought my iPad, and I use my MacBook Pro less. What I do most with my iPad:

watch videos and movies
read iBooks
surf the web
take notes with SmartNote
keep a journal with Maxjournal
twitter with ShinyTweet
check my contacts' Flickr photos and make comments with FlickStackr
sync files with Dropbox for iPad
read USA Today, New York Times Editors' Choice, NPR apps
play with Pinball HD, RealRacingHD, Solitaire, and Star Walk apps
check foursquare with Dash Four
create documents with Pages
import and organizes photos from my Nikon D5000 using the Camera Connection Kit
monitor todos with Things app
send SMS with Google Voice
read magazines with Zinio
check the weather with Weather HD and The Weather Channel MAX
dictate notes with Dragon Dictation
read web articles offline with Instapaper
monitor deliveries by FedEx, USPS, and UPS with Deliveries app
read RSS articles with NetNewsWire
sync notes with Evernote
watch YouTube videos

I take my iPad with me everywhere throughout the house and yard (except the shower)

I think I'm getting my money's worth, and I've learned to type quickly with the virtual keyboard, although it took some getting used to.
I don't know where we get the 'mid-sized unit' comment. The iPad, at 1 1/2 lbs is lighter than most netbooks and tablet PC's. As far as functionality and usability - that's pretty much spelled out amongst the posts on this site.
I don't know where we get the 'mid-sized unit' comment... that was taken from a website review ..they call the perfect middle product frm apple in the one line they say it perfect answer for those who do not like the screen size on the iphone and ipod touch screen along with it beening to perfect sized unit to take with you every where in your daily life.. .

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