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What changes would you like to see..?


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Feb 3, 2010
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San Francisco, CA
Not if, but when we gain SSH access to the pads insides, what would you guys and girls like to change as far as customization of the GUI?

Personally the homescreen bugs me with the way spaced out icons and the iphone size slider could definitly have found a way better place (just for looks, not functionality!)

A function in settings with view options (like OS X) where you can set grid spacing and icon size would rock!
Also a custom Dock would be nice along with random generated home page backgrounds from the photo folder or other source.

I know it already has the capability to act as a digital photo frame while standing idle and you press the slide show button on the unlock screen. :ipad-movie:

Still I would like to see other custom things like system colors, system fonts (other than in iBookStore) and even perhaps the ability to have a screensaver like utility while it sits docked on a desk for example.

I like the idea of a grid spacing utility when syncing with iTunes perhaps while re-arranging apps on pages, kind of like we can now with the iPhone and Touch but obviously having line spacing ability added, maybe even as a setting on the iPad without the use of iTunes too.

The ability to choose from templates for custom badge notifications as well as adding our own custom sounds to other system functions like new and sent mail etc...
Printing from iPad

i have a print utility for my iphone but it involves using my computer which kind of defeats the purpose for the iPad. Will they be able to print via wireless printer connection alone?
they say yes if I'm not mistaken. via iWork
If you have a wireless printer (or a mac connected to wireless and a printer), I think printing is enabled in iWork.
USB port is a must for me.

Hi don't re-use the nay sayer argument, more simply i mean a way to storage everything we want in the iPad that will be more useful than a pure USB port ...

i believe if Apple add a pure USB port in no time they will have lot of return products as we can be sure many people will try to connect anything even a USB coffee maker (if they have one) , burn the machine and say : i Do nothing wrong the device explode by himself :D :D :D

is why i say a storage place will be more safe and simple

in every software or hardware more security and controller you add more you reduce the speed of the device
I'd like to be able to see video on all sites and be able to use the iPad in my on-line class. without flash, we can't even access on-line games.
In addition, I would like to have a save feature, so that if I see something I like on-line, I can save it.
As it stands now, if I were traveling, I would still bring a laptop or even a net book, to make up for what the iPad can't do.

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