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What an idiot - wheres the conventional screen on my new ipad2?


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Feb 13, 2012
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I thought i was 1/2 way literate, got a few laptops.
Got my ipad2 today - fired it up - where's the 'home screen' and all the nice little icons?
I get to the wifi page (=my home system) and can't get beyond it. I thought my password = the WEP number but no?
I can take it to the apple store tomorrow but I'm on the edge here!!
I get to the choose a network page, put in my home WIFI - see a strong signal + a lock icon. Is the lock stopping me from moving on?
It is asking for your password for your network. The lock is showing that your network is password protected. It will be the same
password you use on your other computers.
Just to be clear the iPad wants you to enter your wireless Key. If lost or not used previously you can reset it (best to use WPA2) through your computer browser going to 192.168.X.X (see wireless router manual), logging in and changing wireless security settings.
You have to sync it with your iTunes connected to your PC First

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