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Went from iphone to evo


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May 25, 2010
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So i went from having an iphone for the past two years to jumping ship to sprint and getting an evo. To keep this Short (no iPad keyboard accessory yet lol) I like the evo A few things that bother me coming from an iPhone. The scrolling sucks. Seems small but its big. Iphone scrolling software has it beat h ands dow n. Its just so fluid on the iPhone compared to android. Placing a cursor by holding a finger over text. You plain can't do it. Other than that so far those are my only qualms. Android is so customizable, the geek within loves that. I LOVE widgets also. Kickstand is pretty useful as well. I think I'm about split on the phone. However being off att and on a network that works and the lower monthly bill make this evo win. Let's see what gets announced tomorrow. Apple may be able to get me to go back to AT&T if they wow me

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