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Ways to organize your apps?


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Mar 10, 2011
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Pittsburgh, PA
All right -- I just had a huge fit of OCD and decided to reorganize my apps. I have too many first off.

First I just had a small group of folders with Folder Enhancer. With a lot of apps, it takes a while to load the folder still which was kind of annoying.

I did the Iconoclasm + Shrink thing, and even at 7x7 I was kind of annoyed at scrolling through all my apps.

So then I did Iconoclasm + Shrink with some folders, and the formatting of the icons got all weird (additionally, some Barrel changes messed up stuff at this point, I'm not really sure what caused what).

So in the end, I just went back to only using Folder Enhancer, putting all my apps in a few folders.

Your thoughts? How do you organize your apps? Save me from app disorganization torture!

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