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watching live TV on my new ipad 2


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Apr 6, 2011
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I have a lot of occasions where it is handy to watch live TV during the day (I have cable TV with HBO, Cinemax, all the on demand channels etc etc)

The best way to do this is to hook up either a Slingbox or a Monsoon Vulkano box to your home router. Both of these are awesome, & allow you to watch and control all your local channels on your ipad any place you have an internet connection.

I own both setups & each has its advantages over the other. The Sling setup does not allow you to record (although it will work with a TIVO box). My Vulkano does allow recording & came with a 1 terabyte external hard drive. I also have a 64 gig SDHC card in it in case the HD gets full.

Both streaming pictures are quite good, although the Vulkano wins there with noticeably better image quality.

The Slingbox does have its advantages however. The Vulkano does not have an internal TV tuner, so the TV at home & the TV/phone/ipad etc being remotely viewed all need to be showing the same TV channel.

The Slingbox Pro HD has two internal tuners. I can use my high-def cable box as one source & basic cable as a 2nd source. That way, my Wife can be home watching say a cooking channel at the same time that I am watching ESPN HD at work.

Both units can perform all the functions of the remote (change the channel etc) from the remote location. The Vulkano can start a recording remotely.

I use the "TIVO" function to record shows & then watch them a a later time on either the new Ipad2 or my DroidX phone..


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