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Watch Netflix Movies on your iPad


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Sep 5, 2011
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You can buy thousands of movies in iTunes that will cost you an average of $9 to own them and about $4.00 to rent them, but there is nothing like getting a subscription to Netflix and watching unlimited movies on your iPad!! You can watch iPad Netflix movies in your car, in an airplane, or you can connect your iPad to your big screen TV (like we do with our component cables). It’s amazing that we can watch an unlimited amount of Netflix movies on our iPad for only $8.99 a month. We're even considering canceling our cable, since we are able to watch most of the same TV show and movies as we normally do on our iPad. In fact we are able to watch an unlimited amount of movies now. Apples-to-Apples, we have to spend at least a $100+ a month for cable to get the same amount of movie channels we now have on our iPad. My five year old boy summed it up last night. He said, "Dad, I really like our new movie machine". From the mouth of child, it doesn't get any clearer than that.

I must say, at first I was a little skeptical about how the quality was going to be, but the 2 week free trail period cured all my fears. Now after watching Netflix movies on my iPad for over a week, I'm a true believer that the quality is top notch. There is no way that I would ever cancel my subscription with Netflix. It is by far the best and most affordable movie service I have found to date.

As with any service there are always pro’s and cons, so I will not leave the cons unmentioned. An average of 1 out of every 10 movies we watched, we experienced a temporary freezing screen. This is where the iPad (or television if the iPad is connected to it) goes black and a circular star starts to spin in the middle of the screen as if the internet connection was trying to reload. We simply looked at this as the perfect opportunity to take a restroom break or grab a snack. Unlike other internet videos where you have to find where the movie stopped, Netflix has simplified the process. Simply hit the play button as you did when you started the movie originally and the movie will immediately restart at the place where it encountered a problem. I thought that this was an ingenious solution, and warranted my praise. This issue could have something to do with my slightly outdated Wi-Fi connection, but none less, Netflix has made it easy to restart the movie within a matter of seconds.

There's one more really cool thing about the iPad Netflix Movie subscription that has to be mentioned, its that you are are not limited to watching movies in just one room!! You have the ability to watch 4 different shows in 4 different rooms. For instance, I can be watching an iPad Netflix movie at an airport in Chicago, and my wife and kids can be watching a movie on our big screen TV in Missouri. But, the best for us was when we visited our friends' for a movie night. I told them I would bring my Netflix iPad "movie machine" :) We arrived at our friends' home and pulled out my iPad and they chose the movie right there on the spot. I pulled out my component cables, plugged 'em into their TV, and turned their home into an instant mobile movie theater. Now that was cool!

How much is Netflix?
You can order Netflix for your iPad for only $8.99 a month. This gives you the ability to stream unlimited TV episodes and movies to your iPad (and many other Netflix ready devices which also include the Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, receivers, and many others). An internet connection is necessary of course, check out www.Netflix.com/NetflixReadyDevices to see specifications & requirements.
With the $8.99/mo plan, you can also rent unlimited DVDs (sent one at a time) that are quickly delivered to your door and you can keep the movies as long as you like.

How does Netflix work?
How does Netflix work, it's such a broad question, but I will do my best to answer it. Simply sign up for Netflix 1 month free trail offer and instantly stream Netflix movies on an array of Netflix ready devices via an internet connection. When having DVD movies sent to your home, simply point and click on a DVD movie and it is instantly entered into your queue. Once the DVD movie becomes available, Netflix will usually ship it out the same day with a repaid return envelope included. So you will never incur any additional costs or surprises when ordering Netflix movies. 97% of Netflix customers usually receive their DVD movie within just one business day. Now that's efficiency!

How to sign up for Netflix. It's as easy as 1-2-3
1) Simply click on the free Netflix trail offer tab above and enter your email and a private password. 2) Enter your name and shipping address. 3) Enter your payment information (so Netflix can renew your subscription after the free 30 day free trail). If you don't wish to renew your Netflix subscription at the end of the 30 day trail period, No Problem, simply go into your Netflix account setting with the email and password you created and cancel your account. Netflix has streamlined and made the whole process an enjoyable experience for everyone!



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Aug 20, 2011
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Milwaukee, WI
SweetPoison said:
Didn't they just raise their prices to $16 a month?

I think thats if you do both instant and DVDs. I hope instant is still 7.99...

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