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Want A Free iPad? Go To (Or Back To) College


iPadForums News Team
Feb 13, 2010
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There is no doubt that the iPad will have huge implications for the educational market, with an emphasis on further education in the collegiate levels. Seton Hall, a well-known and respected university in Pennsylvania, is offering up free iPads to all full-time students this fall.

Where many colleges offer computer hardware such as laptops and in-dorm desktop computers to their students, Seton Hall seems to be the first major institution to offer iPads as a means to aid in the educational process.

So, anyone wanna move to Pennsylvania and go Old School with me??

Link - Engadget
The iPad invasion on campus has officially begun! I bet this will be the first of many colleges to offer free iPads, not to mention High Schools, Middle Schools, and Elementary Schools that will start offering programs like this.
Yeah, once they make them more durable so they can be dropped and tossed, my daughter won't have to lug around that gigantic history book of hers! My God, the book is HUGE!! It has to weigh at least 5lbs!! :D
good catch! Dan, need an edit ;)

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