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Volume control on bluetooth headphones (hardware or software)?


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Mar 20, 2010
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Just received my Motorokr bluetooth headphones today for my iPad. Paired 'em with my iPhone and they feel great and sound pretty good. One thing I noticed (and this may just be something we have to live with) but I wasn't so keen on the fact that I could not control volume from the iPhone itself... I had to control the volume from the headphones. As soon as the devices are paired... your volume control (at least in the iPod software) goes away and you can only control it on the side of the headphone. Well if you go from something with a lower volume to something that has some loud output... it takes several presses (over a couple of seconds) to turn it down. It would be nice if you could turn it up or down on the device itself.

Is this something that can be changed in the software to control volume or are all bluetooth heapdhone device's volume controlled on the headphones themselves.

Minor gripe I know... but the ability to control volume on either device would be nice. Other than that... love 'em and can't wait to watch some Sons of Anarchy videos while working out at the gym and not having to worry about catching a cable and the iPad go crashing to the ground. =)


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Jan 27, 2010
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Bump this....Does anyone know why i cant control volume output through "ipod software" on my ipad...There is no way to turn sound down! Anyone found a way to fix this issue? That sucks i cant turn the sound down from the source!

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