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Visiting Italy and Spain with iPad2


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Sep 19, 2011
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New iPad2 3G working well - was sold a micro Sim for iPhone at Malpensa which I could not recharge - so just bought another correct one in Arona - never getting more than 3 or 4 bars but good coverage around Piedmonte

Off to Spain tomorrow will see what I can get at Madrid airport

Sims at Barajas a shop called Crystal sells micro sims for iPad but had sold out, they have stores at other Spanish airports apparently but my connecting flight times didn't leave me time to find them, using wifi.

Allow at least fifteen minutes to do the required paperwork in Italy at least, once you get to the front of the queue, you will also need to show your passport and sign several forms which are in Italian, so some blind faith also required.

Barajas is a lovely airport, seems to have followed the Hong Kong model, but the marble whilst cool is hard walking :)
Malpensa was a huge disappointment, especially as Milan is one of the world's design capitals.
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