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Video plays in app, but not in JW Player in Safari (html5 failback)


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Jul 8, 2011
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Good morning,

I am wondering about the following issue. I am testing the html5 failback of JW Player 5.7 for videos we host at the ESA Online Videos site.

I have a test page which uses this failback option. The video won't play however. This is caused by video format which is not in compliance with the Apple specs. This is fine.

Strange thing though is, that the same video, using the same URL, happily plays via our ESA app.

This I don't understand. Is Safari more picky about the video specs than the underlying iOS? In the end both the app and Safari use the same underlying functionality, right? Or is it the JW Player that is causing the problem?

Any thoughts on this are welcome!

PS: I had included links, but as this is my first post I am not allowed to include them :-(

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