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Video & Photo Streaming From PC To iPad ?


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Sep 20, 2011
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Could really use some help with, as I've looked thru I don't know how many APPS without finding
what I want. Some do some of it, but can't locate any that do both.

What I want is an APP that would allow me to STREAM from my PC to my iPad3 the following
2 categories:

My home Videos
My home Photos

By streaming, I mean having the big Photo or Video files remain on my PC, but just streamed to the iPad3.

Don't want to use up the limited memory on the ipad.

Conversion to the iPad acceptable formats would be "on the fly"
during the streaming process.

Also, it would really be nice if I could, easily, from the iPad, select a Video or a Photo to stream that is stored on my PC.

Lots of Video Streaming APPS, but surprisingly none that I could find that would allow Photos to be (also) streamed.

Anyone know of any ?


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