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video converter cucusoft


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May 22, 2010
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I am trying to convert movies such as Avatar and Transformers 2 to high quality movies on my iPad. The movies once converted are around 2.2 GB but the output file is bad. When the software is used to create large files it doesn't load into iTunes. I checked the properties of the file and it appears the problem may be related to the fact that the file properties shows no Length, Frame width, Frame Height, Data Rate, Total bitrate, or Frame rate info and also will not open using Quicktime.? Quick time says "Error 2048: Couldn't open the file AVATAR.mp4 because it is not a file that Quicktime understands?" Handbrake will not recognize the file either. I have changed the Profile settings for the "Split Output File Size" from 1024000 to 2400000 to keep the software from splitting the output into separate files, cucusoft hasn't been any help at all! No phone number and same lame response to inquiries "try changing split output size if that doesn't work change to a smaller file size" e.g. less resolution. It appears that cucusoft took their iPhone converter and added iPad to it and released it :( If I wanted low res (iPhone resolution videos on my iPad I would have stuck with the previous version of cucusoft!!!) any help?
Sounds as if there's something wrong with your input files.
What are the source files and how were they ripped?

Tbh I've been using handbrake since the iPad was released and never had a problem with it's conversions.
No, there appears to be a limitation on files larger the 2,048 G in Cuccusoft. I use it and have noticed the same problem. I'll usually pull the quality back or just let it create two files. If you create a playlist it will play from one file to the other without problem.
I tried and had bad luck with cucusoft converters. I now use "Danisoft Video Converter Ultimate Daniusoft Video Converter Ultimate ? Disable DRM license, Rip DVD Convert Video . It will convert any audio or video file to any format. It will also rip DVD's to any format. Movies can be converted to iPad compatable files in SD or HD with low, normal or high quality. It was a little expensive but well worth it for me.
Cucusoft works flawlessly for me.

I have downloaded perhaps a dozen movies to both iPad and iPhone with no problems whatsoever. Great product.
If you don't mind paying for software, Any Video Converter Pro does a very nice job converting DVDs to iPad optimized AVIs. One step and walk away. in the time it takes to play the movie, it is converted and ready to drop onto your iPad.


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