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Verizon Wireless Launches New Share Everything Plans for Up to 10 Devices


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Verizon Wireless has today announced its new “Share Everything†plans for basic phones, smartphones, and tablets, which will enable you to share data with up to 10 Verizon Wireless devices. The plans also include unlimited voice minutes, and unlimited text, video and picture messaging. Verizon says that its Mobile Hotspot service on all the devices will also be included in the Share Everything Plans at no extra cost. The plans will debut on June 28, and will be available to new and existing customers.

“Customers asked, and today Verizon Wireless delivered an industry first,†said Tami Erwin, vice president and chief marketing officer for Verizon Wireless. “Share Everything Plans are the new standard for wireless service. They are simple; customers no longer have to think about their voice and message plans, because both are unlimited. Share Everything Plans are convenient; customers purchase one data plan and they share it with up to 10 mobile devices. And, they are worry-free; customers can connect their 3G or 4G devices wherever and whenever they want on America’s most reliable network.â€

Source: Verizon via MacRumors


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
Lots of sites complaining about it, probably because that's what they do best. ;)

Me, I'm looking forward to it. While I'll have to give up my unlimited plan on the iPhone, thats not big deal. I've never used more than 1GB on the iPhone, and usually far less. Using this plan I can pay about $10 less to share my 2GB iPad plan, or pay the same I do now and double the iPad's plan. That a win for me. Not much of a win, but something.

It will also stop those occasional pesky charges for SMS.

Now, would I be happy if they would offer limited calls and no SMS for even less. Darn right I would. I average less than 40 minutes/month on calls, and less than 10 SMS messages a year.

And, when I upgrade my phone this fall (almost guarantied), I'll have the option of giving my old iPhone to Mom. She doesn't use much data, so that would be giving her an unlimited phone plan for just $40 a month.

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