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Use iPad replacement Screen as monitor?


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Jan 5, 2013
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United States
Hey All-

My end all goal for this project was to have an iPad as the center stack unit in my car. After many months of research and planning I am not able to figure out how to merge the iOS interface with my Car's OEM interface. My car's interface controls the climate as well as the exterior lights and other car settings so I cannot give that up and simply use the iPad. I need a way to switch back and forth from the iPad's interface and my car's interface.
My new plan is to replace my car's OEM monitor with an iPad replacement screen and use the Mimics device to display my iPad's interface when wanted. The Mimics device mirror's your phone or iPad onto an external display while keeping the touchscreen controls. My question is, can the replacement screen's connector some how connect to another device to display video and keep the touch screen capabilities? Does anyone have a diagram of the connector's pin's that show's which pin does what?

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