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USAF to place a 18000 iPad 2 order at the Apple Store?


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May 30, 2011
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San Jose, CA


If the commercial airlines could do it, so could the U.S. Air Force. Following their example, the government officials are planning to make a pretty big purchase at the Apple Store. Apparently the Air Force is going to be bringing 18,000 iPads to its Air Mobility Command. Good by heavy flight bags, hello light, efficient and very fast Apple iPad 2s for the crews that handle cargo aircraft.

The deal was reported after; sources noticed a memo on the Federal Business Opportunities Web site who stated that the AMC is willing to purchase a minimum of 63 devices and a maximum of 18,000 iPad 2s, Brand Name or Equal devices.

So apparently there are no guarantees that air officials will settle on Apple devices but judging that the device has become a best selling product increases the chances of it ending up in the hands of the Air-Force. Apple products have been increasingly embraced by federal offices. The U.S Marines for example own more than 30 iPads in cockpits across their feet of helicopters and fighter jets. The Air Force Special Operations Command also announced in January that it planned to make a 2,861 iPad 2 acquisition. Is this apparent spending frenzy justifiable, you may wonder? Government officials seem to think so.

"With limited space in the cockpit and the amount of paper that each crew has to manage, it can quickly become controlled chaos. An electronic flight bag could solve this issue by putting all information in one place to be recalled and updated almost immediately."

Source: BusinessWeek

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