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Update iPad Air 2 to iOS 14


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Mar 30, 2017
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I have an iPad Air 2 that is currently on iOS 10.3.2, but it's in restore mode. I need to update it to iOS 14, as I have several Apps that will NOT run on anything newer than 14. I have attempted to do it through iTunes by downloading an .ipsw file, but I keep getting errors that say it can't be restored. Is there another software tool that I can use to upgrade the firmware to iOS 14.2 or 14.3? I don't care if the process wipes the data on it as I have a backup I can restore to it, but I need to find a way to get iOS 14 on it. Thanks :)

J. A.

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Nov 11, 2012
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Apetlon, Austria
That‘s not possible. The only version for the iPad Air 2 signed by Apple right now is iPadOS 15.7, the most recent software.
During the update, Apple verifies the software you‘re trying to install. If you‘re trying to update to a version that‘s not signed by Apple, you‘ll get an error code. There‘s not way around this.


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Sep 18, 2014
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One possibility would be to try and find other, newer apps that would fit your purpose and work with the newer iOS version. The only drawback being you’ll most likely not be able to transfer your existing data.

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