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Unable to install itunes apps


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Jun 2, 2010
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Hey all, I've had my ipad for a few days now and have fully jailbroken and successfully installed quite a few apps from apptrackr to test things out. However I came upon a problem when I tried to download the pleco chinese app and wikipedia app from itunes. Whereas it'll install any other app, once it gets to any app downloaded directly from itunes, it just skips it as though it were never there. I've made sure countless times the apps were checked as apps to be installed yet nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Thanks again!
Restore your iPad and forget to JB , he will work like a charm like all of us
I'd rather keep the jailbreak honestly. So many more options with it, aside from that issue I haven't had any problems really. I'd rather have the option of downloading them from itunes but if Apple prefers me to download them from some other source I will, just figured if there was a fix it'd be easier.

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