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Unable to connect Ipad 2 to netgear router


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Dec 30, 2011
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Milton Keynes
I have recently brought an Ipad 2. I have a netgear wireless router model DG834G. I am having problems connecting my ipad to it, the ipad recognises the router but when I enter the password it says this is incorrect. I have logged in with the same password on the PC and can connect ipod touch and mobile phones to it. I'm not sure if I need to adjust the settings in netgear, the ipad connects ok to other wifi hotspots outside the house so I know the internet is working.

Many thanks for your help
Only thing that jumps out at me is case sensitive password. Pressing caps lock only works for next character. Quick double-press sets for every susequent character(?). Is it possible you have entering passwords with wrong case?

My experience is that there are no special configuration required for the router. I have personally set up about a half dozen routers since I purchased my iPad last summer. All have worked without any special settings.
thanks for this, yes I've tried changing the case upper lower and upper case for first letter of password. None work, someone suggested disabling cellular settings on the ipad but this doesn't show in settings. I'll keep researching see if I can get something to work!

many thanks
I was wondering if you ever found anything that worked? Because I am having the same issue with my Netgear router....grrrr!

There was a post here somewhere that someone mentioned that the Ipad prefers a certain security , wpa, wpa2, etc. You might want to try and change the setting on the router. FWIW

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