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UK Mobile Carriers Reveal Subsidised iPad Packages


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Rumours and different reports have been circulating for weeks about the main UK mobile phone carriers introducing subsidised iPad packages. The carriers themselves have been hinting and teasing about their forthcoming deals, with everyone throwing around lots of different guestimates as to how much the packages might cost. Now three of the main carriers have finally released details of their subsidised iPad deals today, and PaidContent:UK has a handy round-up of all the packages that are on offer.

The carriers that have launched their new iPad offers today are Three, Orange and T-Mobile, with PaidContent:UK reporting that Three, which arguably has the best mobile internet coverage in the country, looks to be offering the best deal, with three times as much data for the same tariff as T-Mobile and Orange.

All three carriers are offering the 16GB Wi-Fi and 3G iPad for £199, but all have very different packages. Three customers will have to pay £25 per month on top of the initial £199 cost of the iPad, and for that, they’ll get 15GB of data per month, and no free Wi-Fi.

Orange is offering only 1GB of data at peak times and 1GB of “quiet time†data (between midnight and 4pm), and 3GB of Wi-Fi usage via BT Openzone, all for a tariff of £25 per month for existing customers and £27 per month for new customers.

Finally, T-Mobile is offering the same 1GB “quiet time†and “peak time†deal as Orange, although their "quiet time" period of between midnight and 10am is a lot shorter than Orange’s. There are no Wi-Fi extras included in the package, which costs £25.

Source: Three, Orange, T-Mobile Launch iPad Sales In UK: Same Price, Different Data | paidContent:UK

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