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Two Problems

John Niziurski

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May 5, 2020
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I have the latest updates but have two problems/ concerns:
1. When my wife and I Facetime with our sons, there always seems to be a problem with the screen orientation. We are answering their Facetime alert and they are either sideways or up side down. My older son is using his iPhone and, if we call him back, it usually straightens out. My younger son is using a different brand of phone and has us using Google Duo, but we have the same problem with him. Yesterday, they were 90 Degrees out and the only way to get anything meaningful out of the visit was for me to turn my iPad to 45 Degrees. My younger son said we have to lock the screen, but searching for how to do that gave results that didn't work. Now, speaking of locking the screen, this latest iPad seems to favor landscape mode and I'm constantly having to get it to go back to portrait mode.
2. This version of the iPad drives me crazy when typing. I hit the space bar and it constantly goes to the number screen! I realize I'm not a typing record holder, but even using the larger keyboard gives me the same thing.
My wife and I both have the same generation of iPad and the same software updates and we both have the same problems.
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