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Tv Episode Description and Info on ripped programmes


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Dec 24, 2011
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Queensland, Australia
I'm ripping my bought DVD's to Ipad. Works beautifully, and I've got them sorting by episode order (by entering track numbers for each episode). But can I have them display the same way a bought television episode does? The bought ones show two tabs at the top of the episode screen: "Info" and "Episodes". It shows the Season title, rating, year, and underneath (episode tab) lists episodes with the date, rating, play time, Episode title, and description. I've entered all this info for my ripped episodes, but I don't get these displayed. Instead I get no tabs, just the Season Title followed by the list of episode names without any other information. I realise it's a minor thing, just wondered if anyone has worked it out? What triggers the Ipad to display this information?

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