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TV and film won't purchase / download on iPad


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Feb 26, 2012
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I'm currently away from home for an extended time and decided to download some TV and film in iTunes to relieve the tedium. I tried to download a series on the ipad and when I clicked the green 'buy' button, nothing happened.
I downloaded a music album in the same way and it worked fine. I then tried to download an episode, which worked. When I then tried to complete the series it didn't do anything (normally you see it kinda drop down to the download tab) and I tried to buy episode 2 directly and again nothing... I've tried a few different ones and none work. I've restarted iTunes and restarted the iPad and nothing.... Has anyone else had this issue? Any bright ideas?
I'm now very frustrated and contemplating turning the iPad into a frisbee!

Thanks in advance

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