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Too cold to use my iPad?(嬌貴的iPad怕冷?)


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May 12, 2011
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Selangor, Malaysia



經過一番查證,原來是我們生活常識不夠,見識不廣,因為在寒冷國家,如蘇聯,北加拿大等地的蘋果用戶,大概都會知道, 任何電子產品都不能在酷冷的地方使用或充電,就如以下用戶所聞:

In general, electronic devices do not do well in temperature extremes.
In particular, batteries don't work well in the cold and condensation can trip the immersion sensors in the iPad, potentially voiding your warranty. - doc

I always heard that one should not use an electronic device that has come in from the cold until it has warmed up to room temperature, to reduce the danger of condensation damage. For a laptop that could take a while。- mrlynn

所以假設您是在天寒地凍的外面,就必須先要做好iPad的預防保護措施,而且如果從寒冷的外頭回到室內,一冷一熱的相對潮溼溫度, 更會造成電子產品的損壞:

Absolutely! Also, you do not actually USE the device for it to be damaged, just the act of bringing a really cold item into a warm (and therefore much more humid) environment can cause damage. I put such items into closed plastic trash bags or ziplocs before bringing them inside. - btfc


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