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Tonight's the 5year old test


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Jul 7, 2010
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South Florida
I have this 5 year old granddaughter. She's a whiz with an iphone, she can surf as good as anyone I've seen. She was tested for school and has an IQ of 145. Her dad is a Microsoft Engr. and they got the iPad when it first came out. The wife and her always set there and play games on the iphone and have a great time, so part of my reason to buy the iPad was to let me play games with her. The iphone is just too small for me, so anyway she'e coming to spend the night tonight so I finally get to have that interaction myself. Maybe some wouldn't understand that logic but I'm looking forward to it. Anyway I just wanted to share.:)
Remember that age and treachery trounces youth and skill :ipad-keyboard:
Indeed theres no point in growing old if you can't get crafty.............
my grandkid is a whiz at doing things .. she figure out how to make international calls on the desktop from Korea useing the magic jack system on the desktop ..she called me twice from korea and we talked a few mins and i asked her where mommny and daddy she tells me mommy is sleeping on the couch and daddy at work that pretty good for a 4 year old who does not know there is a time diff from korea to the states ,..

i tell i love her and she need to go back to playing and i call her later on ..she goes ok and i talk to you later on today ..she hangs up and goes back to playing .. i called my kid later on in the day time and told her that the little one has made another phone call ..
Yeah, let us know how it goes with your little genius.
Ok, I'm holding on own. We downloaded Kid Art. It's OK, you can draw pictures and place animal icons on the picture then save the pic and then we emailed to her mom & dad. She got a big kick out of that. Score one for the iPad, first time I've ever been able to play a game with her.:)
I don't know how this is appropriate, but it just came into my head.

"You don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing"
Parachute panic lite is so cool. We've had a great time with that. Ther're off to the coloring books now, the iPad is so cool. Worth the money, I don't care what anybody says.
how cool is that.. I don't want my 5 yr old to be in front of mine ALL the time.. right now I have a fight with him and plants vs zombies on the pc... but I do want a few apps that will be good for him at doc office or other places like that and not a movie (also the 3 yr old)

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