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To UK T-Mobile forum members of the UK Ipad, please help


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Jun 9, 2010
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Hello Members, i have some questions especially for the UK T-Mobile users, who have also purchased there Ipad in the UK, but all help from any members would be apreciated.

I currently run an 'Unlimited' £15 a month mobile broadband contract with T-Mobile, and i use there Huawei E160 Dongle, this uses a standard sim card, and i have had this tariff package, sim and modem dongle for just over a year.

Now i have read that these sim cards have been cut down to a Micro sim size, and have been used in Ipad's, but my questions are these

1: Does the cutting down specifically of the 'UK' T-mobile mobile broadband sim thats a year or so old, on an Unlimted package work currently on a recently purchased 'UK' sales edition Ipad, bought from a London Apple store.

Or, have we in the UK somehow been restricted from using our sim' in this way, either through the Ipad unit itself, or by T-Mobile somehow knowing that the sim is being used in a UK Ipad and restricting it, or locking it out of there network.

2: If the answer to the above is that it will work, and that the sim will not get locked out, does anyone know if there any possiblity that plans are a-foot to instigate this happening in the near furture?

3: If the above UK T-mobile sim and tariff can be used, and that using it would not likely get terminated off the sytem now, or in the future running it through the Ipad, is there a way that i could still carry on using what would be a 'cut down' to micro-sim size back into my 'normal' sim size Huawei E160 Dongle, some kind of adapter say, that could be purchased by a Uk customer (a link to a website would be great if this is a possibility).

4: Or, is there a way to 'Ghost' a mobile broadband sim card, so that i would not have to swap the sim card between Ipad and the Huawei dongle, i have read Vodaphone will provide this two sim's on request, but T-Mobile don't.

I do realise this is a lot of questions, but if any members especially UK one's could take the time to give advice, i would be very grateful for the help.

Kind regards
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