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To those with the camera kit...when you download pics to your iPad...


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May 26, 2010
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How does that work when you go back to your home and computer and sync with iTunes? Like does iTunes ask if you want to xfer the photos to your desktop, or what? How do you get the photos off? Usually with the digicam you would just open up the digicam in Windows Explorer (or whatever you're using) like a hard drive and drag the photos to the hard drive on the computer. But how does that work since the iPad isn't really recognized as external storage?

I asked this question in another thread but the thread kinda died off.
When you connect your iPad to your computer with the sync cable the iPad will show up as an external drive (like any other external storage). If you browse to it using Windows Explorer or Linux Nautilus or whatever file explorer is running on your os, you will be able to access all of your pics (and that's the only thing you'll be able to access through the os file explorer).

Not sure how syncing with iTunes works since iTunes doesn't mangage photos the same way it manages music/videos/etc. I assume it backs up the imported pics somewhere... maybe someone else knows where this is.
Thanks for the info, I didn't realize I could get the photos off of my iPad when I had it plugged in.

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