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To iPF dev: Please enable "thumbs up" for comment.


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Feb 5, 2012
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This is my 2nd day using iPF now. As I was using it I felt like something important is missing. It turned out to be the thumbs up rating on the comments. It would be much easier for OP to find the best answer voted by other commenters especially when there are hundreds of people commenting on the same topic. Just my 2 cents.

Thumbs up if you agree! Oh wait...
Hi poet just wondering Have you ever heard of phone spy was hoping to keep track or monitor calls on my sons phone when I check the call logs and text are deleted and I don't know get them back it's an I phone 4
I think it's a way of tracking calls and text messages unknown to the user do you know of any such service don't think its an app???
If it is not an app it would have to be done by your service provider. I've never heard of such a service. If it existed it would probably be some kind of parental option under a family plan.
It is legal if his son still live with him.

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