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tmp/install_greenmile full of "Other" files!


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Nov 7, 2010
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Melbourne, Australia
Hi, I am cleaning out my iPad 1 for sale. Instead of risking a restore I am trying to get it back to naked 5.0.1 + Cydia.

Now I have always been amazed with the size of "Other" that just seems to grow and grow for no reason.

After removing all the video content, deleting all apps, deleting my icloud and mail accounts, cleared cookies and private data (100MB) - After which I was left with 3.5GB of "Other"!

So I loaded up i-FunBox and went digging. I searched through the whole filesystem trying to find any files over 5MB in size, thinking maybe there is some massive files there that have just expanded beyond all reason. I could not find any files over 5MB!

During the search, I did notice that it was spending a lot of time going through install_greenmile.xxxxx sub-folders under var/tmp

So I looked through there, and it seems to be a lot of small files related to all the apps I previously had installed. Yet when I uninstalled all those apps, these files remained.

Now I got it down from 3.5GB to 850MB, the iPad is totally clean, just SBsettings and a few more little Cydia apps, yet that 850MB remains.

Anyone else have this install_greenmile taking up space? Now I have a 64GB new iPad I won't care as much but eventually I am sure my other is going to go insane again on that one too.......

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