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Time Warner Cable Planning On-Demand iPad App


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPXW8vOGfpg]YouTube - Time Warner Cable iPad App Prototype (part 1 of 4)[/ame]​

CNET’s The Digital Home blog has a story today about Time Warner’s plans to launch an iPad app that will enable customers to watch current TV shows, as well as other types of shows. The app was introduced and demoed in a You Tube video discussion featuring Time Warner Cable Vice President of Web Services, Jason Gaedtke, and some of his team, where they show how the user can start up the app and see all the shows that are on the air right at that moment, as well as check what’s coming up later in the schedule.

The video discussion shows that Time Warner Cable has two main goals for its iPad app, with the first being to enable the user to publish and consume content directly on the iPad, and the second being to help the user interact with their Time Warner cable box in their living room. To this end, the app’s “Watch Now†option will enable the user to select a TV show that they want to watch on their cable box via the iPad’s programme guide, which will then change the channel to the chosen show. The team also says that it hopes that one day it will be possible for you to start watching a programme on your iPad, then continue watching from where you left off on your main television when you get home.

You can learn much more about Time Warner Cable’s plans for their iPad app from the video discussion. It’s actually in four parts though, so if you’re really keen and want to watch all of it, just click through to You Tube.

No word as yet about what the app’s name might be, or when it will be released.

Source: CNET - The Digital Home

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