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Time keeps changing


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Mar 24, 2010
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Is anyone having problem with iPad changing time on system clock unexpectedly?

Mine has sets itself to mountain time from pacific time several times..
I think that it might be adjusting itself based on the radio timings or some other sources that follows MST instead of PST and so the iPad might be automatically changing its time to MST or may be it would be adjusting itself according to the day light saving.
Yep, noticed for the first time today that my clock was off. Weird, I wonder what the problem is.
This is a well known issue and one that I assume will be fixed in the next update.

I have two ipads, wifi and a 3G and they both change times randomly.

Example: Before I went to bed my ipad was running ahead an hour. I reset the time, put it to sleep. When I woke up the ipad was now an hour behind. And get this, the auto set time was off! Both units jump around like this.
Yes, my iPad is constantly losing time right now it is off by 7 minutes
I have this problem when I do not sync for over a week and the battery is lower than 30%. A sync and a charge fixes things wight up.
Yep, same thing here. Sunday it was off by about 7 to 8 minutes. Right now it is off by about 3 minutes.

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