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Tim Cook Hints at Apple TV Plans


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Engadget reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook has been dropping hints in a recent interview about Apple’s possible plans for an Apple TV set. Engadget writes that whereas up until fairly recently the official Apple party line coming out of Cupertino was that an Apple-branded TV set would be more of an accessory than a “marquee†product, as Engadget calls it, it now seems that Tim Cook is expressing a different point of view, having recently told Brian Williams at NBC that the living-room screen is now “an area of intense interest.†As intriguing as that sounds, unfortunately Cook didn’t say much more on the matter, other than to tease us with, “I can’t say more than that!†As Engadget notes, Cook’s remarks don’t necessarily refer to an Apple-branded TV set, but they certainly indicate, at the very least, that Apple is now taking more notice of the screen in your living room, and no doubt the rapid rise in popularity of the Smart TV has also had something to do with that.

Source: Tim Cook changes tune, television now 'an area of intense interest'


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Dec 10, 2012
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Los Angeles
A true Apple TV would unify the original vision from Steve Jobs to make the Apple the hub of a digitally connected lifestyle. Steve originally thought the iMac would be the central hub, but it's becoming clear it's the Television.

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