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Those with cameras


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Jan 16, 2011
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What kit are you using?

I currently use a fuji x100, it's beautiful and perfect for street photography.
I've always been a 'one camera one lens' person, so this camera suits me fine.

Also I prefer using smaller cameras and rangefinders over slr's. Unless you're shooting landscapes, nothing beats the presiosion and quality of large format :)
A friend of mine has the x100 which is a top notch camera - works excellent in low light with that firmware update.
I have the Panasonic GF1, use it mostly with the super small pancake 20mm f1.4 lens, but I have a 80-200 and 14-45 zoom. It's getting a bit long in the tooth now, but I sure put that little guy through some use in travel photography.
The reason I went with this is the flexibility - while not quite pocket-able I have carried it in my pocket quite a bit. Especially when you don't want to appear like a tourist.
As someone once said - the best camera is always the one that you have with you.
I had the dp2 before the x100. Great little camera, especially on sunny days.
I have a Sony 390 (have 2 lenses), I love taking photos, it's my escape, from the illness I have, I love photographing trees, they tell a story each and everyone one them, and it's always a different story they tell. I do have a few other cameras, but can't remember the models.
My camera is a Nikon p100. I bought it for the 26x lens. I use an eye-fi card with it for easy transfer to the iPad and my computer. I photograph lots of birds, but also frogs, squirrels, flowers, landscapes, and anything of interest when I'm out and about. The zoom helps to get closer without going closer. I would get one of the newer longer lens cameras, but this one is fairly new - and I'm an amateur.
Nikon d3100 with a af-s 35mm 1.8G lens, nice combination for photographic, street shooting.
Nikon D70 with 80-200mm lens but as it gets a bit difficult to carry when rock climbing, I carry the iPad mini and shoot with it unless I need the better optics of the Nikon.
Mine is a Canon Powershot S3 bridge camera.

It's quite compact and takes great photos. However, I'm eyeing up the Canon EOS100D. ;)

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I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 compact non SLR with 10X zoom (28-280mm) and Leica lens. Happy with it but wanting to go back to SLR photography since having to give up my beautiful Olympus OM4Ti and OM2n system cameras and lenses for film photography. Searching, now narrowing down to a Nikon D7100, but this is a good thread for further ideas.

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I gave up on the super compacts after I got my iphone4s. That is my pocket camera. Of course, some of the newer entries to the market are amazing.

I have a Sony hx20v...20x zoom! Great for concerts and stuff. Fits in a pocket or coat jacket, but will leave an unsightly bulge.

I have a Sony hx200V...30x zoom! Great for birds. This is a bridge camera that feels like a dSLR (which I have never owned). It lightweight but will not fit in a pocket. It is NOT for pixelpeepers and the photos cannot stand much cropping, so you have to compose your shot in camera. It has a tiny sensor and lots of pixels (like 18Mp).

I have a Canon SX50....50X optical zoom. Greater for birds. This is a bridge like the hx200v with much the same features, pros and cons. It has a tiny sensor and lots of pixels, but not as many as the sony. Note: this has the equivalent of a 1200mm lens, in 35m terms. Amazing zoom. This would be super expensive and super large in the dSLR world. Of course, you get what you pay for, but this is suitable for the non-pro, which would be me! :)

I have a Sony Nex 6...with a 16-50mm power zoom and a 55-210mm zoom lens. This is a mirrorless camera that is much smaller than a dSLR but has a APS-C sensor, the same as many, but not all, dSLRs. What I like about the Nex system is if you buy a small adapter you can use both Canon and Nikon glass. I'm even using the PK lens from my college camera I bought in the early 80s. Not so good for birds but small enough to go on vaca with and to do serious shooting (not that the others can't be used for that too).

Those bridge cameras are super fun, though. You can do landscapes, people, macro (flowers and insects), sports, wildlife, night, stars, moon, HDR, in one camera. With 24-1200mm equivalent range, they are neato! You just have to be willing to give up pocket-ability. And you give up pixel peeping (I feature I enjoy).

I will probably sell one of the superzooms, but they do have some different features that make the decision harder than one might think. For example, the Sony has GPS and higher-resolution EVF and LCD that the canon doesn't have, but the canon has 50X. And if I put a teleconverter on it, it can do more (assuming the weight won't be a problem). Decisions, decisions.
I've got a Canon 7D with 5 lenses covering focal lengths from 11 mm to 400 mm. The 400mm lens is great for wildlife photography (which is my passion :) )


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I've got a Canon 7D with 5 lenses covering focal lengths from 11 mm to 400 mm. The 400mm lens is great for wildlife photography (which is my passion :) )

Wow jwt, that's an incredible photo. The pelican's flight is beautifully frozen, and the detail.... :)

Here's hoping we see some more of your work in other threads, such as what I see in my backyard.

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