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Theres too many note and pdf apps for me to choose .. Anyone want to help me?


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Aug 21, 2011
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I Know there's so many threads on this topic, but I start uni tomorrow and I need to make a decision on what notes taker and PDF, word, ppt reader/annotators to use.

I've looked at so many threads, reviews and I'm still undecided.

I bought notes plus and tbh I love it.....and they are bringing out version 3-completely revamped, with built in browsers, widgets, file imports and annotation....but that won't be for another month...so i need something I can use in the meantime

I've looked at good reader and iannotate .... Each to their own have their advantages......I need to be able to annotate ppt docs, I remember reading somewhere about an app that converts word, ppt etc to PDF for annotation but I can't remember which one.....

I don't know whether to take notes from scratch and forget the PDFs as the lecturer will have them on screen anyway, or to annotate the lecturers ppts as he goes....I wish there was an app that had a PDF on the left and a notepad on the right...splitting the screen so I can do both.,,, tho I know it wouldn't be big..

I think I'm leaning towards handwritten notes on the PDFs (ppts converted).....

Once notes plus v3 is released (just after ios5 is released) I'll be using that as my primary note/PDF app

I'm gonna just use the iCal for timetable and assignments as it integrates with my google calendars-both personal and work....

I'm not sure what else I'll need.....I use a lot of articles from journals so maybe something for them.....

I have no laptop ATM :( .... Desperate to get a MBP 13" but waiting on the status of my broken Sony vaio and what Sony aregoing to do about it (faulty graphics set chip or something that had a press release 2 years ago saying they would fix for free)....

S basically I'm trying to use my iPad as much as I can for notes/revision and will have to use dads desktop for lab reports ....

Anyway...bit nervous about starting my final year tomorrow so I'm just wanting to make sure I have everything organised.....I'll know better at. The end of my first week but eeek...kind of excited to get started...

Tho nervous about using my iPad in class as no one else had any with them at induction and the lecturer made a joke about waiting on his iPad so he had to read his scribbled notes (I didn't bother bringing it out in class lolcos I was a bit embarrassed)

Anyway sorry I went off on a slant there .... Nervous much ? Lol

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Jul 9, 2011
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I took a lot of notes for a new job with uPad and it went well. I still have the PDFs. And goodReader is one of my top programs. I think Noteshelf is much improved, too. And maybe you could use WordPad to start learning your handwriting for the best solution. And what about like Pear Notes that record voice as you type? Or bringing a Bluetooth keyboard?

I had a lot of people look at me at first too. Then there was an explosion of iPads in my office. You need the tools that are right for you and that would be hard for any of us to say, but don't be afraid to use what you have. It's the quality of your work that will matter, and your comfort with your workflow, so practice it now. Save yourself the grief of worrying what those around you think, likely you're a trendsetter and it's not like iPads are rare, some people just aren't power users.

Good luck.

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