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The Wall Street Journal's iPad App has Made $2.4 Million So Far


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Business Insider reports today that the Wall Street Journal's free iPad app has so far earned it $2.4 million. The information was gleaned from an internal memo sent to Dow Jones employees by Brian Quinn, vice president and general manager of Digital Ad Sales. According to Business Insider, The WSJ at launch charged six advertisers $400,000 each for packages that included two ad pages in the WSJ print edition and $100,000 in online ads.

Other interesting titbits revealed in the memo include Quinn's view that the fact that the iPad doesn't use Flash is not really that important, and that no one seemed to miss it or be bothered that it wasn't there.

The memo even has a bit of a dig at the New York Times, saying that it "didn't take advantage of the early opportunity of the iPad and ads."

Quinn also outlines the WSJ's intention to increase its advertisers from six to ten in the fall, and says that he expects ad profits from the iPad app to continue on an ever upward trend.

Source:Business Insider

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