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The rich adventure!!!

Dec 1, 2011
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You have to know that your lovely children are living in the dreamy childhood of the blue sky or the deep ocean. They desire to discover the world. The more they grow up, the more they desire to discover. Let colorful trips which derive from the app “Around the world†bring kids such exciting discovery.
A great app for kids who are usually interested in the adventures.
Kids may build the rich imagination through this game. He may think he would be a great pilot, brave captain or a skillful athlete who controlled canons on the sea. Many of the modern means of transport appears in eye-catching images.
Therefore, this app may make kids clear of names of means of transport. Classically, the rule is to turn the same cards which are then read aloud names. By see the text and hear the sound, kids will easily match the right pair.
The game includes four increasingly challenging levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, And Very Hard which invoke kids to win their own memory. Various images and vivid sound will make kids more eager after each time they pass. With a view to making kids get accustomed to the images and sound of the object first, this app is designed 3 parts: Turning the same cards, the cards and text for display and the ones for game. Let’s see how our angels progress step by step with this app!
Outstanding features:
Eye-caching design
Vivid image
Funny sound
Easy sharing
Easy feedback

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